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When it comes to your teeth , you should not compromise! Charblanco's Teeth Whitening Powder is the safest and healthiest alternative when it comes to effective and natural home teeth whitening.  Whiten your teeth without making them sensitive.  Our unique, non abrasive, fluoride free formula whitens and gently polishes your teeth to reveal a sparkling smile.

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Beware of imported products

Beware of other companies selling imported powders. These products are purchased from overseas wholesalers such as for as low as pennies a jar. These companies will throw any label on there with whatever types of markings you want.  Do you think these companies are using organic & natural ingredients at that low of a price?  THINK AGAIN. These products are not always what the label says they are and can be filled with fillers, heavy metals, or cheap sourced charcoal that can damage your gums.  Our product is EXACTLY what we say it is.  We've spent the time researching and developing a specialty formulated powder that's been proven to work. Our powder is made in a FDA approved laboratory, located in USA.

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